Senior Systems Analyst

Computers/Software Fremont, California


  • Consult with department heads and end-users to further development of user solutions. Then make policies for standardizing systems and manage short term and long-term support goals.
  • Negotiating and administering implementation, support and deployment responsibilities with other parties if necessary.
  • Design and develop solutions to complex applications problems, systems issues, or network concerns.
  • Responsible for advising changes and modifications to project and its maintenance if requirements change on user side. Identifying these changes and advise both parties on correct course of action without sacrificing quality, system performance and reliability.
  • Responsible for qualifying custom solutions for feasibility with system. Converting solutions based on user requirement and advise on solution changes.
  • Responsible for checking and suggesting power requirement for individual project and determine feasibility for specific geographical location and required power to have system running outdoor.
  • Testing communication solutions like 4GLTE, 5G, WiFi, RF and Satellite communication.
  • Qualifying user network, access points, network protocol and suggest necessary changes if needed.
  • Advise and reaffirm security concern and make suggestions to adhere to user mandated security protocols.
  • Responsible for Testing and Maintaining the unit from software, hardware and system level after the unit is deployed in the field.
  • Test, maintain, and monitor health of systems, including coordinating the support for of 3rd party software and systems. Expand & modify system to serve new purposes or improve work flow.
  • Responsible for Making support data and documentation for other departments if required.
  • Identify system data, software, or hardware components required to meet user needs. Develop, document and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards.
  • Responsible for Installing and Integrating any new software or hardware that we might come to work with. This includes Different Camera Vendors, Other security solutions and its unique functionalities inner workings. Different Server vendors and storage solutions. Different type of analytics and tools. Such as Vigilant Solutions and 3VR. On top of that support and training on these software and hardware for the other teams and personnel.
  • Provide guidelines for implementing secure systems to customers or installation teams. Confer with clients regarding the nature of the information processing and computation needs computer system is to address.
  • Coordinate and link the computer systems within an organization to increase compatibility and so information can be shared. Find solutions during the research and development phase and gain product knowledge using the process.


Job requires Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent with 2 years of experience including: Linux, Enterprise Network Management, TCP/IP, Oracle, MySQL, Python, Ansible, Nagios, NFS, NAS. Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience. This should be read to mean that the employer requires Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent with 2 year of experience in the job offered, Computer Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect, Systems Analyst or Equivalent.