“Every time there is another shooting we get another round of ‘what are we doing to prepare?’”

– Alan Cavallo, SJSU PD Captain.

Immediate accurate gunshot information

The OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection solution gets you on the scene faster. Become proactive with reliable, validated information that’s transferred to end users in real-time.

The OnSound Acoustic Gunshot Detection enables:

  • Validated and accurate gunshot alert(s) relayed in seconds directly to end users when our AI software coupled with edge computing detects and classifies a gunshot
  • Monitoring, viewing and downloading of alert through V5 Systems Multi-Sensor Management System
  • Our AI technology will continue to learn its environment over time enhancing accuracy and reducing false positives


  • Deploy technology in under 30 minutes
    per unit

  • The software collects and analyzes gunfire
    sounds on the device itself within milliseconds

  • Information is validated through AI and
    sent to the user within seconds


Built to arm you with intelligent information

  • Real-time notification information includes

    1. Audio clip
    2. Direction of gunshot
    3. Nearest address to gunshot
    4. Elevation trajectory of the gunshot
    5. Location of gunshot pinpointed on Google map
    6. Video clip*
    7. Live video*

    *Solutions deployed with an OnSight Portable Surveillance Unit

  • Notifications can be sent to

    1. User directly
    2. Dispatcher
    3. V5 Multi-sensor Management Center
    4. V5 Multi-sensor Secured Operating Center
    5. Combination of all four

  • Notifications can be viewed via

    1. Web-based user interface
    2. Android and iOS app


    1. SMS
    2. Email


Information is transferred through Wi-Fi, cellular, radio frequency or satellite directly to the end user and data will be stored locally on the device itself, in the cloud or on the customer’s back-end server.


Collect and Analyze
data on the device itself

Cellular, Wi-Fi, RF or


  • V5 Analytics Send Real-Time
    Alerts Directly to User

  • Store Data Via V5 Cloud

  • View Live Video and Video
    History on V5 Systems Multi-Sensor
    Management System

Solutions include 1TB of storage on the device itself which enables up to 30 days of High Definition (HD) 24/7 video and 200GB of cloud storage which enables up to 30 days of Standard Definition video. Additional storage can be added.


Artificial Intelligence: Ability to learn the ambient sounds of its environment to increase accuracy/decrease false positives over time

Customizable Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity level to detect fainter, more distant shots in quieter environments, or ignore louder noises in noisy environments

Alert Filtering: Customize the alerting confidence, allowing only potential shots above a certain confidence threshold to generate an alert

Directional Masking: Configure the system to ignore shots from certain directions or elevations

V5 MMS (Multi-sensor Management System): Ability to send real-time alerts directly to the customer to take immediate action. V5 MMS is available through the web, Android and iPhone app.

Acoustic Tracking System: Ability to learn other types of sounds in addition to gunshots without requiring new hardware

PURPOSEFULLY designed for quick and easy deployments

  • Self-powered

    Powered by durable bullet-resistant solar panels, V5 Systems battery banks and a proprietary power management system

  • Intelligent

    Self-learning Artificial Intelligence running at the edge (on the unit itself)

  • Storage

    1TB of storage on the device itself which enables storage of up to 30 days of High Definition (HD) 24/7 video and 200GB of cloud storage which enables up to 30 days of Standard Definition video. Additional Cloud storage can be added.

  • User interface

    Web-based user interface and app (Android and iOS).

  • Wireless Communications

    Wi-Fi, cellular or radio frequency


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Acoustic Technology Deep Dive

AI Technology Learns its Environment
The V5 GSL Sensor is built upon AI technology utilizing neural networks, which are computational models, based on the human brain, that recognize when a gunshot has occurred. This enables the system to learn what a gunshot sounds like in much the same way a human learns to recognize and classify sounds. By continuously monitoring ambient environmental audio, the sensor is able to both detect and localize the source of gunfire, allowing the system to detect a much broader range of gunshots without relying on a human-specified model or set of heuristics and provide real-time location information for each gunshot event.

Triangulate the Source of Gunshots with Multiple Devices
When multiple V5 Portable Security Units are deployed with the V5 GSL Sensor (at least 3), they can share data and work together to triangulate the source of one or more gunshots. Multiple units can determine precise locations and send real-time audio alerts via email and/or text to authorized first responders and security personnel.

Customizable Detection Range Based on Environment and Deployment Types

The detection range of one unit, in its default configuration and accuracy level, is approximately 280-3000 feet or 85 to 920 meters, depending heavily on the environment in which the unit is placed and what type of deployment the customer requires.

Environment Types
Flat, rural, temperate environments provide the longest detection range and urban, hot, heavily obstructed environments provide the shortest.

Deployments Types
In high-confidence, low false-positive deployments the system can be configured to reliably report gunshots up to approximately 280-330 feet away (less in a dense urban environment), conversely, for deployments that require low numbers of missed detections and can tolerate false positives, the system can be configured to detect gunshots anywhere from 1000-3000 feet, depending on the environment.

The system currently uses three criteria for detecting a shot.

  • The uniqueness of the sudden energy change associated with a gunshot-type event
  • Shot probability assigned to the event by classifying it according to our neural network training
  • Determining if the gunshot is geometrically possible given environmental constraints

The system goes through those three criteria in order; so, for example, if some acoustic event doesn`t have a sudden enough change in sound energy, it won`t pass the first criterion and will never get checked by the next two criteria.

All three of these criteria are configurable, so we can actually make the system incredibly sensitive by lowering the energy threshold needed to pass the first criterion, lowering the probability threshold needed to classify the event as a gunshot, and removing all geometrical constraints.  In this case, the system could reliably detect shots from many hundreds of meters away; however, it would also be more likely to classify some events as shots that are not.


Low Power Architecture:
V5 Systems’ devices contain Advanced RISC Processors that run proprietary V5 Systems software that is optimized to reduce CPU, Memory and Power consumption. This can also be executed on standard Intel 64 bit servers. This is not the same for other vendors who only use 64 Bit CPUs.

Multi-Sensor Capable:
V5 Systems’ platform is designed for integration with all types of low-powered sensors. This allows V5 System’s portable devices to See, Hear and Smell, as well as other sensing capabilities.

Power Management System:
V5 Systems’ portable devices are powered through a combination of bullet-resistant solar, V5 Systems battery banks and a proprietary power management system. This allows infrastructure-free deployments requiring no trenching, permits, wired power or wired communications.

Bullet-resistant Solar Panels:
All V5 Systems’ devices come with bullet-resistant solar panels that are 80% lighter than standard solar panels without the need for a glass face and metal frame.

GPS Tracked:
All V5 Systems’ devices are embedded with GPS antennas.


Most solutions are a single unit Form Factor 22” x 11.75” x 12” or 55.9 cm x 29.8 cm x 30.5 cm:
V5 Systems’ portable devices act as an outdoor data center that contains all the necessary components to operate as a standalone solution. Delivered in a compact form factor these portable solutions are easily deployable and re-deployable as customer needs change.

Lightweight (less than 25 lbs or 13 kgs):
V5 Systems’ devices weigh less than 25 pounds and can be easily installed by a single installer in less than 30 minutes per unit.

Dual Industrial Security Locks:
V5 Systems portable devices are secured by two industrial strength locks.

Security Sensors:
V5 Systems’ portable devices contain tilt and shock sensors to detect unauthorized tampering or removal of the unit.

Industrial Temperature Bracket:
This enables the platform to operate at -20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius


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