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V5 Systems enables our customers to deploy sophisticated outdoor applications including video surveillance and gunshot detection without the need to trench for power and communications saving:

  • The cost associated with trenching (depending on where you need security, this could cost millions)
  • The time to piece a solution together, get permits and implement could take months or even years (V5 Systems solutions can be deployed in under 30 minutes per unit).

V5 Systems advanced analytics sends validated object and acoustic detection alerts in real-time (vastly reducing false alerts that are generated by motion detection systems).

V5 Systems provides end-to-end turnkey solutions that are built to industrial grade specifications, designed for the outdoors.

This would depend on how big the project is. The average cost for trenching for power and connectivity through licensed and insured professionals is $300 USD per linear foot (trenching 500 linear feet could cost you approximately $150,000).

Rapid outdoor security deployment is accomplished in under 30 minutes per unit by trained/certified personnel. Solutions are completely configured and tested by V5 Systems engineers before being shipped out for deployment.

Only trained and certified technicians should deploy or relocate V5 Systems solutions.

All V5 Systems solutions are built to order. Once we have acquired all the necessary technical specifications (as well as any third party components that may need to be integrated) manufacturing and shipping will take 4-6 weeks based upon quantity.

All of our solutions are approximately 25 pounds per unit and measure in at approximately 12” x 15” x 7” . For individual specs, please download product spec sheets, which can be found here: v5systems.us/products-2/

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All solutions are powered via a bullet-resistant solar panel and a proprietary battery and power management system

Lithium-ion battery cells configured in a V5 Systems proprietary power pack

Yes, all V5 Systems devices are embedded with smart power systems.

The customer can login any time through the V5 Systems Multi-Monitoring System (V5 MMS) on their web browser or via the V5 app to see the power status of their batteries.

The system can be setup to send the end user an alert if the battery level falls below a certain point.

As a monthly service, we also offer active power monitoring from our remote Multi-sensor Secure Operating Center (MSOC).

Our solutions can be hardwired via AC enabling our battery and power management system to keep the solutions operational if fixed power goes down providing redundancy. Many customers face IT challenges when attempting to add surveillance units to the outdoors and V5 Systems can help resolve these issues as well.

Battery operational times can vary per solution.

A fully charged battery system on the OnSight Portable Surveillance Units will provide ongoing power for up to 3 days

V5 Systems solar panels can fully charge the V5 Systems battery system in 6 to 8 hours of daylight.

Adding an OnPower Portable Auxiliary Battery Unit to any unit can add up to 4 days of operational time providing power for a full week based upon fully charged battery subsets

Without an added OnPower Portable Auxiliary Battery Unit, you would need 6-8 hours of daylight to fully charge or 2-4 hours of daylight everyday for perpetual power

With an added OnPower Portable Auxiliary Battery Unit, you would need 10 hours to fully charge or 2 hours of daylight for perpetual power.

Standard deployments all require 2 solar panels to fully charge the battery system.

We recommend 3 solar panels per unit for powering 24/7 in harsh, low sunlight,

No, we do not sell the solar panels themselves separately.

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Wireless Communications

Cellular (3G/4G/LTE), WiFi, and RF (Radio Frequency) and Satellite

No our solutions can connect to any 4G connection

Recommend carriers include T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T

Bandwidth can vary if solutions are connected to a carrier not recommended

The cellular connection will depend on the network within the area of deployment and needs to be tested to select the most reliable network. V5 Systems cannot guarantee cellular network reliability.

V5 Systems has proprietary software that will continually monitor the connection to help reduce lapse in video streaming and reestablish the connection.

Devices can also be setup with a combination of the wireless communications options above. If the device is setup with two options, the first option would be configured as the primary communication protocol and if that connection goes down the second communication option would connect for redundancy. Communications will revert back to the primary configuration once that connection is restored.

We are also always storing video locally, on the device itself (1TB which gives you up to 30 days of High Definition video storage).

V5 Systems products have integrated proprietary V5 encryption for data storage and communication which uses 2K RSA keys (2048 bits) with overall encryption using AES 256 (256 bit keys). In addition, the UI access is protected by SSL encryption.

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Our products include up to 1TB of onboard storage (up to 30 days of HD video storage) and 200GB of cloud storage (up to 30 days of SD video) . If your security needs require more storage than this we provide additional cloud storage for a fee. The V5 Cloud offers a simple but secure scalable solution to store, access, remotely backup and share data.

For every additional 200GB of Cloud storage (up to 30 days for video storage) there is a charge of $30 per unit per month.

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