Workplace Safety Goes Beyond

The Building Walls

Providing a Safe Working Environment with Quickly Deployable, Self-powered Security Solutions

Over 80% of active shooter events occur at the
workplace, according to the FBI.

Corporations are now taking steps to provide proactive security measures against active shooters along with expanding existing surveillance systems to cover all areas of campuses. Enterprises big and small are starting to see that self-contained and self-powered security, freed of cables and wires, is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective solution.

A business that can deploy security rapidly – when and where it needs it rather than where it has access to fixed power and connectivity – achieves total security control, reduces its liability, and provides a safe working environment for employees. The same investment can create reliable functionality for a variety of scenarios:

  • A parking lot where patrons risk car break-ins is now as easily secured as a garage

  • A restricted area where trespassers could sneak in can now be protected by video analytics

  • A company event that was vulnerable to active shooters now has flexible perimeter security

  • A warehouse with valuable assets can now be easily secured and remotely monitored

You are no longer limited by inflexible, analog systems. Let V5 Systems’ give you the portable, unwired 24/7 access and control you need to keep your focus on your business.

Protect Your Business
An Unwired Approach for Rapid Outdoor Security

You Need A Turnkey Operation

The V5 Systems Way

Quickly deployable with no interruption to business activities

Fast, deploys in under
30 minutes per unit

Easy-to-expand security and sensor coverage for events and temporary structures

Turnkey devices weighing less than 25 pounds with rugged onboard solar and battery management system

Mobile access to real-time alerts for rapid response

Analytics on the edge (on the device itself) generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device

Budget-friendly and modular to allow for incremental improvements

No trenching. Re-deployable.


A Silicon Valley-based enterprise behemoth is building giant data centers in several areas throughout the U.S. During construction, the company wants to secure the area and provide safety for its workers.


A Data Center under Construction

A Construction Site with no Fixed Power or Connectivity

Name-brand Company that Values Data Privacy


Surveillance platform that can be deployed in under 30 minutes

OnSight Portable Surveillance Units


The ROI Case

Real-time visibility over the entire construction zone with reliably accessible and secured data

Ability to redeploy security rapidly per the needs of an evolving construction site

A secured and controlled system managed via V5 Systems’ innovative MMS

Case Study:
High-Tech Enterprise Property

A high-tech business campus had multiple satellite parking lots adjacent to a railroad and homeless encampment with employees experiencing assaults, shootings, and break-ins.


Adding traditional security cameras by trenching for power and communications had a high price tag and a long permitting process

Property was being leased so spending the money on fixed infrastructure didn`t make sense

Company did not have enough security personnel to escort employees to their cars


OnSight+ Portable Surveillance Units with Analytics, chosen for independence from expensive trenching and real-time alert and forensic capabilities

Units that could then be re-deployed in under 30 minutes per unit when a lease expired


Incidents of violence against employees dropped dramatically

The security department was less stressed and stretched

Employees feel safe and company can focus energy and time on growing its business

Instant Cost Savings

Mile Situational Video Coverage


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Traditional Video
Surveillance Solution




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