Coming out of Stealth Mode

Coming out of Stealth Mode
Jan 25, 2018

V5 Systems exited stealth at Dell World with its flagship product line of portable Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which includes multi-sensor, self-powered security camera systems. These devices can be integrated into an existing security monitoring network or used as a stand-alone solution, with the capability to be deployed in any location, without a dedicated power grid or hardline data connectivity.

The company is offering two different camera models: the V5 Soteria and the V5 Theia. Both devices feature solar panels for self-powered operation; up to three days of battery life without being fed power; and GPS, temperature, and seismic (shock) sensors. In addition, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity comes standard, and the company’s self-designed battery offers up to three days of operation without any charging (from a dedicated source or solar panels).

The V5 Theia sports a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera that enables broader viewing angles. This model also features an additional chemical sensor, which can detect noxious gases and other chemical agents. Furthermore, V5 informed us that in early 2016, it will debut an additional acoustic sensor that can detect the distinct sound and frequency of a gunshot, which could increase response times to gun violence exponentially. Additionally, in late 2016 the company expects to add support for distinguishing the sound of a spray paint can, increasing the value of these devices with more detectable incidents.

These cameras are designed for deployment in law enforcement, educational and city-owned environments and are intended as a stand-alone solution to detect, alert and possibly prevent crimes of all different types. The hardware is encased in a locked thick-metal chassis, and it isn’t quite like any other IoT device we’ve seen out there.

“What we’re doing is actually pretty innovative,” said Mazin Bedwan, co-founder and COO of V5 Systems. “We’re introducing a solution to the market that doesn’t really exist today.”

It would be hard to argue that point, being that the devices are all completely designed in-house. Even the battery was designed by V5 to be more effective for longer than other solar-panel self-powered devices.

IoT is the future of appliances, and we’re getting a taste of the future with V5’s new product line.


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