Smart City Case Study

City of Hayward Reduces Crime Calls by 60% in 3 Months

City of Hayward Reduces Crime Calls by 60% in 3 Months
  • Organization :

    At the heart of California’s busiest traffic corridor, Hayward’s downtown has been in the midst of a total makeover. In order to promoted business development, the city needed to make the downtown an attractive, safe place for businesses and patrons alike.

  • Challenge :

    Situated near the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), vandalism, theft and drug dealing thrived in the city center because of the ease of escape for criminals. After researching traditional security camera solutions, city planners discovered a variety of limitations, including power requirements; they were completely unable to access city light-poles in the area.

  • Solution :

    Hayward’s city council and police department turned to the V5 Portable Security Unit (V5 PSU) to help realize a safer cultural hub, freed from the limitations of expensive fixed surveillance. Hayward PD could deploy and redeploy these self-powered units in locations that were difficult to protect before.

  • Results :

    Hayward was able to avoid nearly $750K per mile in trenching fees and saw a 60% drop in service calls for crime within the first 3 months. Hayward can now refocus on a revitalization that promises a more beautiful, prosperous future.


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