In the Age of Mass Casualties, a Bay Area University prepares

“Every time there is another shooting we get another round of ‘what are we doing to prepare?’”- Alan Cavallo, SJSU PD Captain.


Tasked with protecting a community of 40,000 students and faculty in the heart of an urban downtown, Captain Alan Cavallo is no stranger to emergency preparedness. As the toll from mass shootings continues to rise, Cavallo is implementing a safety campaign to mitigate casualties and give students, faculty and their families peace of mind.


The proactive safety campaign is three-pronged.


  • Student education over summer orientation

Cavallo emphasizes spatial awareness and campus articles for students after hours. Riffing off the Department of Homeland Security, his unit has developed a Run, Hide, Defend training to increase the chances of survival during an active shooter event.

  • Parental education

Educating parents specifically about the types of protocols the university has in place to protect their children.

  • Acoustic Gunshot Detection


Deployed last year, the V5 GSL gives rapid real-time insight into an active shooter as well as post-event forensic evidence. As Officer Paul Marshall, a member of Cavallo’s unit, opined, the portability and ease of use of the self-powered technology allows the SJSU PD to be proactive in stopping crime.

Hear from Captain Cavallo himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN_h4SZqEs8


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