Demand On-demand: Public Safety as a Service

There’s at least one big purchase that everyone has agonized over for an unnecessarily long time. Maybe it was the long white leather couch for the entertainment room. Or the vending machine for the office. Or even the building access system for your campus. Homeowners, office managers and security professionals all know the feeling of plunking down a lot of money upfront with no guarantee – that the family dog won’t adopt the couch, the vending machine won’t malfunction, the access system won’t let bad actors in. 

The concept of subscription-based services has entered the popular imagination like never before, and it has spread like wildfire through industries as diverse as entertainment, food and even healthcare. 

It’s not hard to see why convenience and a monthly bill are appealing. Subscription-based service does two things really well:

  • It makes budgeting and spending a less fraught process by removing the stress of high, upfront capital expenditure 
  • It gives a much stronger guarantee of function because services are managed, turnkey and ultimately more customer-oriented 

Unlike the lumbering legacy security industry that only supports purchase and lease options, newer security technologies are enabling more customers to overcome barriers such as high price-point and access by offering subscription-based services.

Flexible Budgeting: More Money In Your Pocket 

The subscription aspect gives clients who need security the budgetary flexibility to acquire it with a low monthly fee. The service aspect, which may include alert monitoring and customer training, provides clients with a no-brainer, turnkey experience that does not rely on a customer’s expertise or require customers to continuously rejigger their systems. 

V5 Systems has been able to uniquely capitalize on the elements that make subscription services great. With a turnkey security solution that includes everything from patented power to user-friendly software, V5 Systems’ solutions tend to lend themselves to subscription for customers who do not have the budget or the need to make an upfront investment. At a starting price of $299 per month, customers can address security everywhere from urban schools to temporary mega-events. And it’s a price point that does not sacrifice premium features. 

Tech that Works for You and Not the Other Way Around

By premium, think Ferraris and Teslas. The turnkey flagship OnSight™ Portable Surveillance Unit, housed within a lightweight, ruggedized enclosure, can survive in snow-storms as easily as humid swamps. With its reliable solar power source and battery management system and onboard communications, the OnSight can be deployed quickly in areas where access to power is limited or nonexistent. For locations where infrastructure does exist, the units can be connected via AC power with a solar backup. Each unit can connect via Wi-Fi, RF, satellite or cellular signal to a smartphone app — allowing for real-time video data streaming from practically anywhere. 

Now, think bigger. 

With the new subscription service, here are a few key features users can experience at a budget-friendly price:

  • V5 Systems Cloud, where unlimited amounts of data can be stored for easy retrieval
  • V5 Systems Multi-sensor Management System, which allows users to easily access multiple data-type streams 
  • V5 Systems Multi-sensor Secure Operating Center, which provides remote monitoring and verification services 24/7
  • 24/7 Customer Support and Maintenance with customizable frequency
  • Remote battery and unit health monitoring to ensure units are up and running when you need them

These services might not fit within every budget as a capital expenditure. However, technological quality and service should not have to be sacrificed because of price. Reliability is critical in security applications where seconds count and the stakes are real. The ability to rely on a cutting edge system with live, trained support, unlike a cobbled-together product purchase, can dramatically improve safety. 

As a preconfigured, managed service, the V5 Systems solution can be deployed to the outdoors rapidly, with no demand on a customer’s existing IT, eliminating a major headache.  The technology can integrate into existing systems as well, with the ability to retrofit legacy video surveillance into portable, communicative units via the OnSight™ Portable Camera Adaptive Platform. Subscription-friendly services guarantee that the user always has the most up-to-date system with over-the-air software updates; if solutions go down or if issues arise, support engineers can troubleshoot remotely in real-time. 

Security, like food and health, is a basic necessity. No student, employee or citizen should have to feel unsafe because security technology was deemed unaffordable or did not work when needed. The next time you reach for your phone to order-in, imagine if you could toggle to the app next to it to adjust your security in real-time. 


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