When Farmers Thrive,

Everyone Eats

Enhance Agribusiness Growth with Security,
Power and Data without interrupting your daily operations

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

– Virginia Woolf, A Room of One`s Own

Plant and animal husbandry is a deliberate process. To ensure optimal growth conditions, the healthiest produce, thriving fields — every farmer knows that meticulous planning is critical

But a bad storm, vandalism or even degrading soil quality can lay even the best plans to waste. Agriculture, big and small, can benefit from outdoor security, power and data.

Imagine a solar-and battery-powered platform that is resistant to hail and notable for its low environmental impact, allowing you to add surveillance for situational awareness, run lights and humidifiers without the need to manually refuel, collect salinity and microclimate information through your preferred sensors and run it on a turnkey, self-powered computing platform.

V5 Systems platforms enables you to:

  • Add surveillance for your crops, animals and equipment in remote areas and receive instantaneous alerts if a strange pickup truck enters your property at 2 AM

  • Power your equipment in the outdoors, untethered to the grid, to run in tough conditions

  • Collect, store and replay data from sensors throughout your property to plan ahead

Whether it’s running your equipment, computing your data in real-time or warning you of an intruder, you need information at your fingertips, allowing you adapt and innovate plans to create the optimal yield.

Improving Operations
with Self-Powered Technology

You Need A System that works for you and not the other way around

The V5 Systems Way

Technology to help improve quality with minimal interruption to farming operations

Fast, deploy technology in under 30 minutes per unit

Easy to expand or add outdoor power, surveillance and computing

Turnkey devices weighing less than 25 pounds with rugged onboard solar and battery management system

Mobile access to real-time alerts for informed and rapid response

Analytics on the edge (on the device itself) generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device

CASE STUDY: California Vineyard

A vineyard needed to maintain the quality of its grapes but had trouble measuring soil salinity levels

  • Challenge:
    A vineyard looking to improve the quality of its grapes

    Knowing that grapes are notoriously sensitive to soil and weather conditions, a large California vineyard wanted to ensure specific soil salinity levels to make sure its wine tasted like wine and not like … vinegar. The vineyard owners implemented sensors to monitor these levels, but the challenge was collecting and relaying the sensor information to their smart devices without trenching the vineyard for power and connectivity.

  • Solution:
    Self-powered platforms that can be deployed in under 30 minutes per unit

    • OnIQ Portable Edge Computing Unit enabling real-time data collection and computation, with edge (on-the-device) computing run on a platform via a combination of solar, battery and power management system

  • Result:
    The ROI Case

    • Real-time remote monitoring of soil conditions across the vineyard

    • Fine wine!

Instant Cost Savings

Situational Awareness Coverage per square mile


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