The V5 Difference

V5 Systems is an award-winning technology company that has created the world’s first true edge computing platform for the outdoors. Multiple awards confirm the technology’s uniqueness and market relevance within both the Industrial IoT and security industries. Not only have industry leaders such as Dell, Intel, Nvidia, VMware and Axis Communications validated our solution through partnerships, but, most importantly, we are customer-proven with thousands of units deployed in the field.

V5 Systems’ founding mission was to deliver a security solution that could be deployed in any outdoor environment without having to tap into fixed power or modify existing land or structures to access the necessary power and connectivity. What its founders ended up developing in the process, however, was so much more.

In their aim to provide a self-powered, turnkey and smart security solution, they needed an ongoing self-powered system, as well as artificial intelligence-driven code that is able to run analytics on the edge for real-time alerts.

What resulted is the go-to platform for all outdoor security, power and computing needs. We now provide not just smart outdoor security, but an intelligent computing platform that is capable of running any third party application. The third element is our ongoing power platform, which frees this robust computing power to be used anywhere outdoors.

Our objective is to continue to innovate and be the leader in developing technology for the Industrial IoT. We are committed to delivering these products and services while always recognizing the importance of customers and partners by providing the highest level of enterprise support and customer service.

V5 Systems delivers a truly innovative, self-powered security and computing solution for IIoT industrial control, monitoring and data collection applications. We care about creating a safer and smarter world, allowing you the ability to BE THERE for the things that matter most.

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