The Next Big Thing In Industrial IoT

In June of 2016, detectives from San Francisco’s Bay Area Police Department were dealing with multiple drive-by shootings. Not a single witness or existing security cam- era was able to identify the suspect, who was operating in an enlarged area with a radius of approximately 10 squaremiles. Sensing the ineffectiveness of existing surveillance sys- tems […]

V5 Systems, a Model of Innovation

It all began when a guy walked into Pacific Stereo in Fremont with a unique request. SUV owner Steve Yung wanted to protect his automobile with a security system that operated continuously whether the car was in operation or not. His neighborhood was experiencing break-ins due to rolling blackouts so he wanted a security system […]

Surveillance and Gunshot Detection Solution Brief

5 steps to improving security with portable, self-powered surveillance Security is a critical and growing concern for business, government, schools, and the public in general. Yet all of them still face complications in deploying security throughout the entire area of concern – a shortcoming that leaves blind spots and results in ineffective safety. In addition, […]

Building a safer, smarter society with self-powered industrial IoT solutions

Until recently, electrical power and internet connectivity were requirements for real-time security surveillance, which greatly restricted the areas that organizations could monitor for threats. V5 Systems, based in Fremont, California, eliminated these obstacles when it launched the rst portable, solar-powered security solution with WiFi and cellular network-access capabilities.The solution — contained in a small, watertight […]

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